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A Mexican menu for all occasions

Very often we happen to see a Mexican restaurant or some particular foods like tacos and we feel a certain curiosity… well, it’s normal and probably we should try a taco once or twice just to taste a different flavor.

Actually, the Mexican cuisine is pretty mixed and varied. Originally, it’s a blend between the indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with the Spanish cuisine.

Food and main features of the Mexican cuisine

After the colonization of central American by Spain, the Europeans gradually introduced in Mexico more foods the most important of them were meat of beef, pork, chicken, goat and sheep, but also other foods used to season dishes, such as corn, beans, chili peppers, which are today the main feature of the Mexican culture.

Today you can find many street food stands where you can buy a taco or a a grilled chicken for a few dollars (in Mexico you can also use American dollars).

Main foods that are sold on the streets are tacos, quesadillas, pambazos, tamales, huaraches, alambres, barbacoa, carnitas and roasted chicken.

Actually, Mexican houses don’t always have an oven. So, when Mexican want to eat a roasted chicken they have to go out and buy it from a street seller.

And finally… the cake!

After eating a full Mexican menu at a restaurant abroad or in a local one, you’d probably like to eat a nice and gluten free cake, just like this Chocolate Coconut Cake recipe.

Today gluten free foods are more and more requested by customers because of digestive problems or allergies to gluten and with the chocolate coconut cake all tastes are satisfied!

You can try to prepare it on your own, the recipe is very simple and easy to follow thanks to the video tutorial and recipe explanation with step by step pictures.

The main ingredients are eggs, sugar, shredded coconut (for the coconut sponge) and chocolate and heavy cream (for the ganache).

This cake is very appealing and elegant in all its simplicity and incredible delicious flavor.

The preparation is divided into 2 phases: the sponge and the ganache. You can also think to decorate the ganache your own way. Just draw a picture on a paper of the decoration and then reproduce it on the top of the cake. Or, find more decoration tips on Videoculinary.com and have fun decorating your cool chocolate coconut cake.

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